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Join us to celebrate Christmas
What is Christmas really about?  

As our diaries get filled with shopping, Christmas trees, parties, lunches, and family get-togethers, it is very easy to miss the whole significance of this season.

Join us at our Christmas services to celebrate what Christmas is really all about - the birth of Jesus Christ!

Sunday 18th December - 10:15am & 5pm

At our annual Carols services, we hear the Christmas story read from the Bible, we sing the well-loved Christmas carols accompanied by a choir, organ and a wonderful team of musicians.  We will also have a message on what really happened at Christmas.

At the 10:15am Carols - The children from our church will be involved in some of the Bible reading, singing and will be acting parts of the Christmas story.  


Following the Carols, there will be carnival games, craft, face painting for the kids and barista coffee for the grown ups.

At the 5pm Carols - The Deaf Church community will also participate in leading one of the carols with Auslan.  Please join us for a free BBQ from 4pm.

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